Ko'nou Essence was created out of a need to learn and understand
What is self-care?
Self-care is defined as a deliberate activity that is done in order to take
care of one's mental, emotional, and physical well being (Maya
Angelou).  Life, Parenthood and work demands are the many reasons
to enjoy a little self-care. The recent popularity in self-care alone has
increased with these 3 hashtags, #selfcare, #self love, and #loveyourself.

For many people the bathroom is a central oasis to practice self-care.
Ko’nou Essence believes that every bathroom has a special Vibe!!
What’s your bathroom vibe?

Hey ladies, are you a facemask lover?
How about a bubble bath with your favorite book? A nice calming
candle always sets the mood. Can’t forget about my Tweens. Painting
your nails or soaking with your favorite bath bomb is a great way to

Hey gentleman, how do you self-care? A clean shave to stay
sharp? Or a hot shower to rinse off the day? At its core, self-care
means so many different things to each individual, custom to their
identity. No matter sex, age or life demands, Ko'nou Essence has a
variety of self-care essentials that can be appreciated by all. Our line
includes some of the following.
A herbal bath kit for women to relax, a fem box that teaches tweens
how to self-care on their period and a Cedarwood Hose Down Kit for
gentlemen to lather and moisturize below the belt. Our entire line is
designed to elevate everyone's self-care experience and to be a
reminder to make time for you. Please enjoy some time for yourself.
Remember Your body = One You

Founder of Ko'nou

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