Gentlemen's Care Lounge

Hey Fellas,

It's not about perfect. It's about effort and when you bring that effort every single day, that's where transformation happens. That's how change occurs. #Selfcareisntselfish

Your Body = One You

  • Beard Grooming

    Show your beard some love with our Beard Grooming Kit. Achieve that suave , clean and bold look by elevating your beard maintenance routine.

    Beard Grooming Kit 
  • Ball Hygiene

    Stay sexy and attractive with our Cedarwood Ball Wash Kit. Proper ball hygiene is a must. Keep your manhood fresh and clean throughout the day and free from order and ball sweat . Your Balls Will Thank You.

    Cedarwood Hose Down Kit 
  • Sleep

    You deserve a good nights sleep. So, why not try our Black Satin Pillow Cases .



    -Protect hair and Facial Hair

    -Great for skin

    -Soft and Luxurious

    Black Satin Pillow Cases 

Thank You

Welcome Gentlemen. Thank you for adding Ko’nou to your self-care routine. There is nothing sexier than a man who cares for his body and mind. Self-care comes in many forms, not only
the outside but mainly from within. Mental, Physical and Health are top ways to improve your well being. Ko’nou Gentlemen takes pride in bringing you the best products to elevate your self-care. Want a smooth clean shave ? Try our Beard kit which includes a satin double sided beard bonnet, Warm Vanilla scented beard oil and much more. Mmm your face will thank you.
Let's take a hot shower using our Cedarwood hose down set. Everything you need to get below the belt fresh, clean and on point. Take a look around and explore the Benefits of Self-care

Your Body = One you

Self -Care Tips For Men

1.Practice good hygiene / Take long showers with bath oils to relieve stress
2. Eat healthy / Add more dark greens to your diet + Fruits
3. Exercise / Work out at least 30 mins a day + lots of H2O
4. Journal / Come guys i know you get stressed , write it down. It helps
5. LOVE YOURSELF / If you don't love you how can you self-care