Meet the Founder

Hey Ko'nou Fam ,
My name is Kim Simon CEO/ Founder of Ko’nou Essence
Thank you for Choosing Ko'nou Essence as one of your new self-care loves.
It brings me great joy to know that you are taking some #metime!!

Honestly it wasn’t until a few short years ago that i truly understood the
definition of self-care and why it's so important. Being a young single mom,
working and taking care of my daughter was my only focus, but that’s
where the problem lied. The demands of work /life caused me to neglect my
confidence, mental peace and exhausted body. Sadly I was not alone,
self-care is not a priority for many individuals. Ko’nou Essence was created
out of a need to put myself first, now I would like to share my self-care
journey with you. No matter your sex, age or life demands, Ko’nou Essence
has a line of products that will be appreciated by anyone. We all deserve to
close the door to the bathroom for an escape for at least 10 minutes daily.
Ko’nou Essence believes that every Bathroom has its own #vibe. Please
enjoy some time to yourself ,
Your Body = One you
Love Kim.