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Hey Tweens,

Do you know how to self-care on your period? Don't worry

Ko'nou Flow has your back ! Scroll down for Products and link to Girlology. Learn how to master your period.

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Message from our founder:

Hey teens , growing up can be stressful. School , Puberty and Friends are some factors that can  make life hectic at times. It's important and ok to take a #timeout. Self-care starts when you make time for you. Self-care can be a hobby , a new hair do , applying a face mask or just sitting still. However you decide to self-care your body and mind will thank you. Not sure how to self-care, try our Bath Spa kit to create your very own self-care routine. We also have a Fem Box kit to keep you right on your period. Stick with us kid, Konou Tweens will have you self-care ready in no time.  Your body = One you


What does Teen self-care look like ?

Self-care can be done by just taking a few minutes a day to celebrate you. 

Try our Spa Bath kit that screams relaxation. Our Konou Spa bath kit is it!

Float into peace with the Bath Headband , nail care tools , face mask and so much more.

Everyone deserves some #metime. Allow Konou tweens to help you create the best self-care routine for you.  Your body = One you



I breathe in confidence and breathe out fear

Today I am a leader

I am perfect just the way i am

Period Hacks

1.) Drink Green Tea (Helps ease headaches and migraines .

2.) Use Tummy Warmer or Warm Heating Pad for Cramps

3.) Change Pads/Tampons Every 6 to 8 Hours

4.) Have Your Period Purse on hand ALWAYS ! ( Pads/ Tampons , Fem Wipes and Change of underwear are a must)

5.) Wash and Keep Your Body Clean

Remember You've Got This!

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Ever had a question that you thought was weird and you were too embarrassed to ask? Check out Girlology for answers for all those hard questions. Remember whenever you think your alone , there are millions of girls asking similar questions hoping to find the answers. Click the link below!