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Bath Spa Kit Gift Box for Tweens and Teens Self Care Box

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Hey Tweens, sometimes school, siblings, pets and friends can all be overwhelming , so you're never too young to practice self care. Me Time is important ! With the Ko’nou Tween Spa Bath Kit You have all the spa selfcare tools you’ll need to feel calm and refreshed. Spa days are a necessity not a luxury .  

Includes : 

Lip Scrub :  Exfoliating Sugar Lip Scrub

Ingredients- Shea Butter , sugar cane , vaseline, Strawberry flavoring -Included in tween Bath kit

Improve the look of your lips by using our exfoliating lip scrub. Not only does our lip scrub soothe your lips, but also helps with retaining moisture.

Recommended to use 1 -2 times a week before going to bed.


1.) Wet lips with lukewarm water

2.) Apply sugar scrub to Ko’nou lip brush or finger

3.) Scrub lips for 35-45 seconds

4.) Wipe off with damp cloth

5.) Moisturize with Ko’nou Essence lip oil.

Scrunchies : Oversized Smooth satin elastic hair tie. 

 Lets keep your hair healthy by using our satin scrunchies . It’s gentle on the hair and helps prevent breakage and frizz. Whether a messy bun , high ponytail or getting ready for bed. The Ko’nou Essence Scrunchie will help you look elegant while protecting your hair .

Spa Robe:  Headband Cute Plush Bow Spa headband

Have Fun while wearing your cute comfy Bow Spa Headband while enjoying your selfcare time throughout the day. Keeping stray hairs away while you're painting your toes or when wearing your hydrating face mask.

Colors are given out at random.

One size fits most.

Body Glove:  Exfoliating Nylon Body Scrub Gloves

Give your body the healthy glow it deserves by using our exfoliating bath gloves. Our bath gloves produce a rich lather when added to your favorite bath wash/soap. Remove dead skin and soften your body to reveal a healthy feel. Can be used daily.

Change gloves after 2-4 weeks depending on usage. Gloves come in assorted colors .

One size fits most.

Lip Brush:  Soft Double sided Exfoliating lip brush

One side used for massaging and the other for exfoliating to aide in the removal of dead skin. Helping to increase blood flow within lips to give a plump and healthy appearance.

Can be used 1-2 a week with Ko’nou Essence Lip Oil and Ko’nou Essence Lip Scrub.

Rinse with warm water after every use.

Tween Nail Kit : Manicure Pedicure Nail Kit


Nail Clipper,  Cuticle Pusher , Toe spacer, Nail Brush, Nail Fail, Cuticle trimmer ,

Face Brush : Soft bristle Exfoliating Face Brush

Helps remove dead skin and impurities while keeping fresh and clean

Freemans Aloe Face Mask Hydrating Aloe Face Mask used to give Skin a healthy glow\

Additional:  Hydrating Lip Mask, Moisturizing Lip Bomb, Self Care Spa Bag, Relaxing Fizzing Majical Bath Bombs, Cosmetic Compact, Freemans Peel- off Face Mask