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Gentlemen’s Beard Grooming Kit

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A healthy beard is a sexy beard. With our Ko’nou Gentleman Beard Kit you’ll achieve the style and look that you envision. This shaving kit will leave your beard looking trimmed, polished and with an invigorating light vanilla scent. 

Includes :

■Beard Catcher :  This beard apron has suction cups for you to attach to your mirror to gather your facial and beard hair trimmings to prevent them from falling all over your sink. This Beard Apron is a complete time saver when it comes to cleaning up .

■ Nail Kit :  Our 8 piece Stainless Steel pedicure/manicure mini nail kit is great home or on the go tool to help keep up with personal nail care.

■ Beard Bonnet :  Satin Bonnets aren't only for your head but also beneficial for beards . Our Double-Sided Satin and Bamboo Beard Bonnet protects your beard from breakage and aids in moisturizing when using the Ko’nou Vanilla Beard Oil. Leaving your beard and skin with a healthy manly glow.

■ Beard Comb and Brush :  Our well crafted bamboo comb and brush is perfect for any beard grooming routine. Our fine corsteeth/ antistatic comb will aid in removing tangles and knots.  Our Custom Boar Bristle Bamboo Brush will aid in anti-breakage and leave hair with a natural shine.

■ Beard Oil:  Our all natural Moisturizing Vanilla Beard Oil hydrates your beard hair and skin . Leaving a healthy glow and an enchanting smell.