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Ko'nou Flow Fem Kit

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Hey Tweens ! Got your period? Do you know how to self care on your period? Ko’nou Flow is here to give you tips and tricks on how to own your period. Don’t stress, the Ko’nou Flow Fem Kit is here to give you all the tools to master your period.

This  is the perfect thing to prepare your daughter for her first period with a selection of sanitary products and some extra treats too! Our First Flow Fem Kit is perfect for an adolescent female approaching adulthood. *We provide a Navigate Your Period Pamphlet that helps adult explain the use of these products with the recipient.


Fem Purse: Multifunctional Waterproof Leather feminine pad storage.

Use your period purse to store all your cycle self care products on the go pads, tampons, fem wipes, plus more ! When you're having a period emergency your period purse will be a life saver! 

Tummy warmer : When feeling period cramps and aches use our tummy warmer to relieve any discomfort your period may bring . (instructions found with product)

Info Pamphlet : How to guide on how to master your period with Ko’nou Flow products.

Journal and pen

Fem Products : Pads, Tampons, Fem Wipes, Panty Liners

 Ko’nou Flow Fem Wash:  All natural fem wash can be used for menstruation or daily use 

 Fruit Snacks