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Lip Repair Kit

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Want to have smooth , hydrated , plump kissable lips ?

With the Ko’nou lip kit you won’t have to worry about yours looking dry and cracked. We are here to help you stay kiss ready all day. 


  • Lip Brush Double sided Lip brush: One side used for massaging and the other for exfoliating to aid in the removal of dead skin. Helping to increase blood flow within lips to give a plump and healthy appearance.

Can be used 1-2 a week with Ko’nou Essence Lip Oil and Ko’nou Essence Lip Scrub. Rinse with warm water After every use.

  • Lip mask Moisturizing Vegan collagen Pink crystal lip Mask:

Ingrediants:Exfoliating Sugar Lip scrub shea Butter , sugar cane, peppermint and vaseline Improve the look of your lips by using our exfoliating lip scrub. /p>

Not only does our lip scrub soothe your lips, but also helps with retaining moisture .

Recommended to use 1 -2 times a week before going to bed.

Directions :

1.) Wet lips with lukewarm water

2.) Apply sugar scrub to Ko’nou lip brush or finger

3.) Scrub lips for 35-45 seconds

4.) Wipe off with damp cloth

5.) Moisturize with Ko’nou Essence lip oil.

  • Lip Oil : Use the Ko’nou Essence lip oil to hydrate and moisturize your lips throughout the day. Help prevent dry cracked lips, while giving the lips a plump healthy . Add one drop of oil to lips and massage with our Ko'nou Essence lip brush or your finger. Recommended for daily use .